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What is available? How do I buy work I'm interested in?
Use the Contact page to email me any enquiries. Or via a message on my Facebook page- JackyBuckingham Paintings and Prints.

Some originals are available- see the information under the picture in each Gallery, with size, the medium and the different forms the picture can be bought. They are individually priced to reflect the many hours I spend, particularly with acrylics. As a guide, a painting 30x40cms on box canvas, unframed but ready to hang, may be £230 +P+P. Some smaller pictures and pastels are less as pastels take less time, larger pictures and more complex ones will be more. Price on enquiry if it isn't in the gallery when you click on the picture.

Paintings on box canvases are ready to hang as they are. However you will greatly enhance one by framing to suit your room and style. Some paintings are framed, and their price reflects that. A bespoke frame enhances but may be expensive, their cost has risen dramatically. Unframed board and paper pictures can easily be posted (add P+P).

If you are local, you can visit to see the picture yourself before you buy, and delivery can probably be mutually arranged free of charge.

Prints are high resolution giclee prints on archival quality Fine Art paper, signed and limited edition. All pictures are available as prints (except a couple of sold or commission works). The best size for most of my pictures is 50x40cms, which includes the mount.

Browser pack 50x40cms £70; 70x50cms £85 +P+P

( P+P is £11 for a single unframed print, in a padded envelope with card insert for strength, 2+ prints free postage. Any damage, return the print and I'll refund postage and replace your print)

70x50cms- Staithes is particularly good at this size. Also very suitable are Whitby Steps, Portland Place West and Big Sky 2:Impending.

'Reflections' is square, 50x50 prints are £75

It will be expensive to post framed prints, so best you do it yourself- from a local framer- your choice! If you're collecting from me, framing is £35 extra for 50x40cms, or £45 for 70x50cms. Plain, proper wooden frames are available in black or white; diffused glass is £15 extra.

A range of cards is available, beautifully printed, individually wrapped with envelopes. If local, come and browse- no postage to pay!
A single card is £2.50, packs of 6 are £12.50, + P+P.
Packs are either all one design or a mixed set of 6 the same size.

    Whitby Steps
    The Red House Wellesbourne
    Portland Place West Leamington Spa
    Smoky River Stratford.
    Greek window


      Old Mill Christchurch
      Smoky River Stratford
      Lansdowne Crescent Leamington Spa.
      St Ives
      Whitby Harbour
      Allium Jug
      Big Sky2 Impending
      Sunny Corner 3
      Whitby Steps
      Stag's Head, Wellesbourne
      Frosty Plot